CSA Officials Information


In order to officiate in the CSA regularly scheduled dual meets, you must attend a CSA Training Clinic or hold a current USA Swimming certification as a Stroke & Turn judge, Starter or Referee.

As a reminder, all Stroke & Turn Judges are required to complete one of the CSA offered options for that position, unless already certified as a USA Swimming Judge. All Referees and Starters are required to attend the CSA training sesison for Referee & Starter unless USA Swimming certified in that position. Additionally, all Referees must either be USA Swimming certified Judges, or complete one of the CSA Stroke & Turn training options, in the current year, in order to preside as a Referee at a CSA meet. All officials will be certified by the CSA Vice President - Rules based on these training requirements and participation.

If you are certifying as a Stroke & Turn judge for the first time, we strongly recommend that each new official apprentice alongside a seasoned CSA official for the first two meets.

All CSA teams are required to provide an official for the OPEN sessions of the  CSA Championship Meet. Officials for CHAMPIONSHIP sessions of the CSA Championship meet must be USA Swimming certified.

Officials' Links:
  • Clinic Notes: Stroke & Turn Handbook - coming soon
  • Clinic Notes: Referee Handbook - coming soon