The Golden Swimmer award is presented to swimmers that win 1st place in all three of their individual events over the course of the City Championship Meet. 

Congratulations to all of our previous winners!


2022 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Anna Katherine Gill 13 Sherwood
Mallory MacDonald 10 Oak Ridge
Riley Ramseur 12 Sherwood
Samuel Trevino 8 Hamilton Lakes
Maura Schoppa 18  Bur-Mil
Alex Cooper 12 Hamilton Lakes
Robert Tars 18 Hamilton Lakes
Albert Smelzer 14 Sherwood
Charley Grimsley 8 Greensboro Elks
Reina Liu 12 Bur-Mil
Adam Stephany 14 Friendly


2021 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Albert Smelzer 13  Sherwood
Riley Ramseur 11 Sherwood
Mason Duggins 12 Hamilton Lakes
Maeren McGonigal 15 Hamilton Lakes
Maura Schoppa 17 Bur-Mil


2019 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Bo Nunn 8 Lawndale
Dax Harris 14 Hamilton Lakes
Bailey Covington 12 Friendly
Maura Schoppa 15 Bur-Mil
Preston Forst 17 High Point Elks
Griffin Jones 12 Sherwood
Reece Ramseur 12 Sherwood
Riley Ramseur 9 Sherwood
Nicholas Brooks 10 Bur-Mil


2018 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Robert Tars 14 Adams Farm
McKenzie Campbell 16 Lake Jeanette
Grant Duggins 8 Greensboro Country Club
Maura Schoppa 14 Bur-Mil
Johnny Edwards 12 High Point Elks
Preston Forst 16 Bur-Mil
Riley Ramseur 8 Sherwood
Bianca Nannucci 10 Friendly 


2017 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Reece Ramseur 10 Sherwood
Nicholas Brooks 8 Bur-MIl
Dax Harris 12 Hamilton Lakes
Bailey Covington 10 Friendly
Griffin Jones 10 Sherwood
Agnes Cruz 12 Bur-Mil
McKenzie Campbell 15 Lake Jeanette
Morgan Jones 14 Lake Jeanette
Riley Ramseur 7 Sherwood


2016 Golden Swimmers

Name: Age: Team:
Omega Pinnex 13 YMCA
Johnny Edwards 10 High Point Elks
Emily Shoonhagen 16 Green Valley
Maura Schoppa 12 Bur-Mil
Preston Forst 14 Lawndale
Harris Abernathy 8 Friendly
Rori Rountree 10 Ridgewood
McKenzie Campbell 14 Lake Jeanette
Robert Tars 12 Adams Farm
Meribel Tars 8 Adams Farm